Thursday, September 17, 2015


Below are videos that may be helpful to you..   I recommend opening these videos on a separate tab or browser so you can pause the video when you need to and follow directions. I will add to these throughout the fall and the rest of the school year, so keep checking back.  If there is a video you would like me to make for the benefit of yourself and others, please let me know and I will try to make that video.

Added December 2015:

For those interested in an alternative reporting program to ConnectED for trimester 2:
Assessment Spreadsheet Instructional Video

Added October 2015:

10/27: Scoring CHALLENGE items on the cover sheet

10/26: Intro to the new NEW cover sheets (Unit 2 and beyond?)

Change Quick Entry/ Evaluation to 4-Point Scale with Exceeds

This is a GREAT 11 minute video that is HIGHLY RELEVANT to how we are approaching problem solving:    Dan Meyer's 2010 Video about Problem Solving

Added September 2015:

9/25: How to use the new cover sheets

Adding Student Content to ConnectED

How to Enter Data for BOYA

How to Enter Data for Unit Assessments

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